Is 'Summering' a Coming-of-Age Drama Streaming or in Theaters?

Is 'Summering' a Coming-of-Age Drama Streaming or in Theaters? ...

Summering, a tender tale of four friends who spent their final summer together before going to middle school, will be released on August 12 in theaters. All the actors seem prepared to bring their A-game to the challenging and emotional material as their characters overcome their first experiences with death and mortality.

As the girls deal with the trauma of finding a dead body, Ponsoldt notes that some of the motivation for the film was seeing films with his daughter and hearing her ask, Where are the girls in these films? Where is a version of me and my friends in these films?

Summering's adult cast is equally as talented as the younger cast, with Sarah Cooper, Ashley Madekwe (Umbrella Academys Detective Eudora Patch), Lake Bell (the voice of Ivy in the animated Harley Quinn Series) and Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) all playing important roles.

Is Summering Coming to Movie Theaters?

Summering will be released on August 12, 2022, so be sure to get tickets to a theater near you. With a run time of only 87 minutes, seeing this film in an air-conditioned theater might be the ideal way to beat the summer heat.

Is Summering Going to Be Streaming Online?

Summerings' streaming plans have not yet been announced, but it will likely be available to stream on their website and app or rent or buy very shortly.

Watch the Summering Trailer

The trailer for Summering was released by Bleecker Street on July 12, 2022. From the start of the film, to the sound of children humming the old children's rhyme "Miss Mary Mack," through the end of the film's use of Electric Youths Without You, the movie is drenched in summer nostalgia.

When Will Summering Arrive on DVD?

Summering's DVD release date has not yet been announced, but given the success of other Bleecker Street films, it shouldn't be too long before it arrives on physical media. Their previous film, Mr. Malcolms List, was released on streaming in late July and will be released on DVD on August 23, 2022.

More Summer Films Like Summering You Can See Now

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Stand By Me: Few stories quite encapsulate the late summer feeling like this one. Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and Jerry OConnell star as four boys who embark on a journey to discover if a dead body on the train tracks near their house is true. In a painfully honest portrayal of middle-school friendships, the filmmaker's quietly heartbreaking conclusion and final line "I never had any friends later on," which remains with viewers, especially young ones, throughout the film.

The Baby-Sitters Club: This classic 1995 film is based on Ann M. Martin's iconic book series. In this film, the girls also have their own difficulties, with Stacey beginning to date, Claudia going through summer school, and Kristy trying to reconnect with her absent father when it's really important.

The Sandlot is a summer classic from the 1993s. Scott Smalls begins his summers playing baseball in a new town with his mother and stepfather. There, he begins to make friends with the other kids in the area, all of whom are familiar with Babe Ruth's famous baseball, as well as the famous King of Crash himself. The boys will have to work together to retrieve the ball before it's too late.