Stephen Colbert Joins Lumon Industries as Steve C. in a 'Severance' Skit on 'The Late Show'

Stephen Colbert Joins Lumon Industries as Steve C. in a 'Severance' Skit on 'The Late Show' ...

Stephen Colbert made it no secret that he loves Apple TV+'s Severance program, expressing it in a Wednesday interview with the show's director Ben Stiller. On Thursday, the Late Show entertained that fantasy, presenting a parody of the popular Apple TV+ drama starring Colbert as a new employee at Lumon Industries named Steve C.

The short clips feature Colbert's innie Steve C. attempting to make Lumon the Dunder Mifflin in the outside world partly due to the belief that his innie name entitles him to being Steve Carell in the outside world. Irving is particularly irritated by Steve C.'s references to him in a The Office interview segment. He even ruins Irving's music dance experience, choosing Smash Mouth's "All-Star."

Steve C.'s other issue with Lumon is his tendency to steal large quantities of office supplies, including but not limited to pens, paperclips, and Irving's lamp, which has Milchick (Tramell Tillman) and the board so enraged that they decide to make him the first-ever unsevered employee just to get him out of their hair.

Colbert may be able to return for another episode of Severance without his scenes being "deleted" this time. Christopher Guest, Barbra Streisand, and former President Barack Obama were among those who asked them to return for an episode.

Severance also stars Patricia Arquette, Britt Lower, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Michael Chernus, and Christopher Walken, who all shared the screenplay with Dan Erickson this year.

Severance is currently available on Apple TV+. Check out Steve C's arrival at Lumon Industries below.