How to Get Your Jeff Goldblum Mini Collection Jump Start

How to Get Your Jeff Goldblum Mini Collection Jump Start ...

According to estimates, this year's Gen Con was packed with new games, some as many as 560. Weve covered some of the trends that we noticed, including a surge in roll-and-write games and a chaotic wave of new party games. But there was another unusual item at the largest tabletop gaming convention: a tiny, beautiful plastic Jeff Goldblum.

Unmatched, an incredible racing game that pits Hollywood heroes against historical figures, has recently dropped its latest collection of Jurassic Park-inspired baddies. Ellie gets a small plastic token with a picture of Dr. Ian Malcom on it, which is completely incapable of containing his raw sexual energy.

Restoration Games purchased 10,000 plastic Ian Malcom miniatures for pre-orders, which they said sold out before they could even buy them for themselves. A few were available at their booth, but demand for the miniature completely shocked them. Another batch is already on the way, and preorders are now open.

Strata Miniatures is developing a whole set of gaming miniatures based on the popular Dark Dice actual play series. The crowdfunding campaign will begin in October. Some of the miniatures, including a beautiful tattoo, include a powerful elven sorcerer named Balmur.

Fisk said he was impressed by his chiseled good looks, but also his twinkle in the eye personality. On a more serious note, I wanted to pay tribute to his cultural heritage and created a custom skintone mix just for him. Most miniature paint manufacturers skin tones are designed for Caucasian colouration, so it was an interesting challenge.

There are currently no Jeff Goldblum tabletop gaming miniatures available for sale in the marketplace. However, im hoping that this will be resolved soon because, as we all know, life has a way. In the meantime, Dr. Ian Malcom will be lounging on my desk until Warhammer TV presenter Louise Sugden gives me a proper tutorial for painting these rock hard, glowing abs.

Bud, you've got it.