What's New On August 12, 2022 on Netflix?

What's New On August 12, 2022 on Netflix? ...

The Gray Man, a flashy spy thriller featuring Ryan Gosling for days on end, has been tossed off by another Gosling film from a director whose influence can be seen throughout the ultra-expensive action flick. On Friday, August 12, 2022, we examine where it stands, as well as all the other trending titles heading into the weekend.

Netflix's Top 10 Movies in the United States - August 12, 2022

The uncharted adaptation of Uncharted, which featured Tom Holland, was placed on the scene in early August, and has been holding onto the top spot ever since. The huge hit Purple Hearts, action thrill ride The Informer, and the ever-present Sing 2 are all in the same spots as yesterday. The only change to the Top Five is The Nice Guys, which has risen to its highest level.

  • 1. Uncharted
  • 2. Purple Hearts
  • 3. The Informer
  • 4. Sing 2
  • 5. The Nice Guys
  • 6. Flight
  • 7. The Gray Man
  • 8. Wedding Season
  • 9. Carter
  • 10. The Age of Adaline

The bottom half of the trending movies list is rapidly changing, with titles like Flight, The Gray Man, and Wedding Season all falling down a spot. I wonder what changes the weekend will bring for these films.

Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows in the United States - August 12, 2022

The Sandman is here for the long haul, continuing the trend for Netflix shows in 2022, one that sees a new original series pop up on the list for days, sometimes weeks, on end. But Virgin River and Stranger Things are two of the former gold medal winners.

  • 1. The Sandman
  • 2. Locke & Key
  • 3. I Just Killed My Dad
  • 4. Virgin River
  • 5. Stranger Things
  • 6. Riverdale
  • 7. Indian Matchmaking
  • 8. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • 9. Instant Dream Home
  • 10. Keep Breathing

The bottom half of the TV listing looks like a back-and-forth race where anything can happen.

Its unlikely that we'd see any more major shifts over the weekend due to a new and popular Netflix title (opens in new tab) like the Jamie Foxx vampire film Day Shift.

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