Thomas Jane, who plays Rob Zombie in Punisher 2, claims that Rob Zombie has almost directed Punisher 2, and now we need to see that

Thomas Jane, who plays Rob Zombie in Punisher 2, claims that Rob Zombie has almost directed Punisher ...

Taika Waititi and James Gunn were natural choices when it came to taking over bigger-budget superhero films, but they brought their distinct voices and approach to Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok to market, putting them among the best Marvel movies ever made. Sometimes, a radical, left-field choice almost occurred, causing a bizarre What if? for the Marvel universe.

The Punisher is a film series that first starred Thomas Jane as the vigilante Frank Castle back in 2004. This was an early attempt (no pun intended) at bringing the extremely violent Marvel character to the big screen, and I'm sorry to say that Rob Zombie was included in the race for the sequel.

Punisher 2 had a couple of iterations, one of them with Rob Zombie as the lead, which I thought would have been interesting. However, that was only one iteration. We were batting around with script ideas and trying to find a new director. It was like, 'Who is that person going to be?'

One of the criticisms that was levied against Thomas Janes The Punisher, which was directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, is that it pushed its limits on how much violence must be required to be a true Punisher film. Frank Castle is a man who wages war on criminals when his innocent family is caught in the crossfire of opposing gang members. The Punisher forgives no one and leaves bodies in his wake.

Rob Zombie's decision to take a shot at The Punisher 2 would have given the sequel the edge that Hensleighs' film had. Look at how Zombie reimagined Halloween when he took over John Carpenters' iconic franchise, or the spin he's putting on The Munsters. They're nothing like what we'd expect, and I know his interpretation of The Punisher would have been as extreme.

Lexi Alexander stepped up the swag for the better-fitting Punisher: War Zone, yet still created a film that even the director adores. Then, fan-favorite Jon Bernthal donned Frank Castles body armor for several Netflix appearances. But also that film was canceled.

The Marvel Netflix heroes are returning to the MCU, with Daredevil set to return to the She-Hulk series and Kingpin being added to Echo. Despite the rumors that Rosario Dawson has been spreading, The Punisher isnt ready to appear on a new Disney+ show. However, maybe Rob Zombie might be involved again if and when he does?