Despite the fact that the character revealed in one of Disney+'s Season 3 episodes, the streaming service has apparently banned it from streaming

Despite the fact that the character revealed in one of Disney+'s Season 3 episodes, the streaming se ...

Bluey has become as vital a platform for many Disney+ subscribers as the streaming services MCU and Star Wars fare. (With the majority of those individuals, though not exclusively), fans have been equally as enthused and jubilant as ever. However, Disney+ has apparently removed one potentially offending episode from the bunch, as well as removed scenes and dialogue from other Season 3 episodes.

The Missing Bluey Episode: "Family Meeting"

  • When Dad's accused of fluffing in Bluey's face as he climbs out of bed, he's put on trial with Mum as the judge, and Bluey and Bingo as witnesses. Bluey might also have to explain what she was doing there.

Without any official Disney+ reps out there at the moment, it is easy to assume that the House of Mouse turned their nose at Family Meeting because farting was a major component of the film's narrative. Not that Disney's own animated programming has been particularly highbrow or fart-free over the years, and its not that earlier Bluey episodes have featured moments with Bandit breaking wind.

For childbirth-related reasons, Disney+ or Disney Junior would never release this particular episode. Season 1's Teasing, for example, has never been available on Disney+ or Disney Junior, despite editorial adaptations of the episode being labeled as a nonsense word.

The Cool "Family Meeting" Reveal

Although Disney+ has neglected to include the fart-filled Family Meeting in its streaming library, its absence will surely keep some viewers from learning a fairly enjoyable reveal that happens in the episode. When Bandit and Chilli discover Blueys' role in how things worked out, the animated mother used her daughter's whole name for the first time.

Christine Heeler, a bluey, is a professional musician.

It's unclear whether or not there are any compelling reasons for the creative team to include "Christine" as Bluey's middle name, and U.S. viewers will certainly not be getting any insight, since that moment isn't freely available for any of us to see. Granted, knowing the titular character's middle name isn't required to watch any of the other 100+ episodes of Bluey.

Other Bluey Season 3 moments that aren't available on Disney+

While Family Meeting was the only full episode that was removed from Disney+'s lineup, the streaming service presumably cut other scenes from other seasons. One fan shared a few examples in a pair of Twitter posts, claiming that both certain visuals and dialogue had been altered.

Season 3A images from Disney+ #Bluey August 10, 2022

The first one depicts a Bandit being crushed painfully in the crotch by Bandits swing in Born Yesterday, while the third shows a line alteration from Driving in which a fictitious threat about peeing on curtains became about scratching curtains. The fourth picture depicts a disgruntled Aunt Trix on the toilet in the background of a Muffins video feed.

The Season 3 premiere of Perfect, as well as a previous post, was altered. Bandit and his friend Fido have a conversation about parenting, which directly relates to getting vasectomies. But in the Disney+ version, the procedure in question was changed to removing the teeth.

Miriam Margolyes, a former Harry Potter franchise employee, claims Arnold Schwarzenegger deliberately clings to her face during the filming of 1999's End of Days. Not to mention 90 Day Fiances Stephanie Matteo continues to make a lot of money selling jars of her farts (and other bodily output) to fans, or that famous fart during Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's trial.

Bluey Season 3 is now available on Disney+, in addition to the aforementioned Family Meeting and other moments. Check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows will be released later this year.