How Armie Hammer Accuser Reacted After A Trailer For A Documentary About His Cannibal Text Antics Was Dropped

How Armie Hammer Accuser Reacted After A Trailer For A Documentary About His Cannibal Text Antics Wa ...

Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, two of the series' creators, appear to have handed over their phone records and social media accounts so that the writers may uncover the truth about the sexual abuse allegations and even cannibalism claims that have plagued Hammer for years. Following the trailer release, Vucekovich has spoken forth about her future.

Courtney Vucekovich has no problem revealing the history she shared with Armie Hammer, which is why she took to Instagram stories (via the NY Post) and posted onwards and upwards is the only option when you have been in an alleged abusive relationship, and Hammer's text message and voice recordings point in that direction (even though he denies all of the allegations against him).

Courtney Vucekovich revealed certain details about her relationship with Armie Hammer to Page Six back in 2021, opening up a wider window to his abuse.

In the first meeting, he captivates you and while being charming, he grooms you for those things that are darker and heavier and more consuming. He sucking out all of what you have left. Thats what he did to me.

House of Hammer isnt going to stop at Armie, it will focus on the history of family abuse, as shared by family members like Armies aunt, Casey Hammer, who has been dealing with these kinds of allegations since he left rehab. Nothing is particularly unusual in the realm of Hammer.

Given the fact that films like Death on the Nile and Next Goal Wins went out of their way to either distance themselves from the actor or replace him entirely, it seems that Hollywood studios have been dealing with a lot of backlash about actors being involved in incidents that might affect their work, the most prominent one being Ezra Miller and their ongoing involvement in The Flash. Something tells me that studio directors prefer to ignore Hammer's potential as a viable lead man at the pass.