Are EA's servers down? Here's how to check EA server status

Are EA's servers down? Here's how to check EA server status ...

Electronic Arts, better known by most as EA, is the company that makes some of the most significant games on the market. Sports enthusiasts are familiar with the EA Sports brand. EA is also the publisher of the popular battle royale title Apex Legends.

EA has a huge variety of live service games, and its servers are huge. Even the most powerful servers have issues, some of which can hinder players from getting back into their favorite games. There are a few methods to check the companys server status to get a better understanding of the issues and, more importantly, an ETA.

If EAs servers are down, here are the best ways to check.

EA Help

If you encounter issues with an EA game or other online EA services, please consult the EA Help website. The EA player community answers HQ page is an FAQ zone that answers to a variety of connection issues, including some server issues.

The EAs Check Server Status page contains links to check the servers for each major platform. Sometimes, these servers are the reason for delays. Players may also search different EA games on the EA Help website to check whether a single game is experiencing problems or if its a more widespread server issue.

If you continue to have issues with EA's servers, the help website also has a section dedicated to troubleshooting connection issues.If everything on your end is normal, chances are there is a problem with EAs.

The EA Help Twitter account is another great resource for players. It's constantly updated with information about EA servers and informs players when issues are ongoing. Players can also mention or message the account to speak with an EA representative who can assist with particular difficulties.

Down Detector

Down Detector, a website that tracks EA servers across all platforms, is an excellent alternative for players looking for a second opinion.

Down Detector provides an in-depth look at potential problems, including an outage map, the most reported issues, and comments from other users experiencing difficulties, as well as a timeline of reported problems in the last 24 hours to help determine how long the servers have been down or disrupted.