Spellslingers give magic a fresh appearance

Spellslingers give magic a fresh appearance ...

Today, Wizard of the Coast surprised Magic: The Gathering players with the release of a new mobile-friendly and Steam fast-paced card game.

Spellslingers is now available on mobile devices, both on iOS and PC, via Steam. The game features 16 Multiverse characters, mostly planeswalkers, who each have their own starter deck. Along with the feature characters, Spellslingers also includes MTG mechanics.

The MTG Spellslingers card game is free-to-play, yet it clearly has a pay-to-win component. Players will begin with the planeswalker Chandra and her 30-card starter deck, and WotC included a detailed tutorial of gameplay mechanics, rewarding players for progressing through the training mode.

Players unlock Spellslinger characters and their 30-card starter deck by playing games and purchasing gems in the store. Individual cards are available for free as a daily deal, or for purchase through gold and gems. There are six slots on daily deals, with the store refreshing every 24 hours.

  • Slot one: A free prize that can be a card on any rarity, a pack, or currency
  • Slot two: One pack that players can purchase with 3,500 gold
  • Slot three: A random Common rarity card
  • Slot four: A random Rare or Epic card
  • Slot five: A random Epic or Mythic card
  • Slot six: A stack of 300 maximum shards of a random color

Players may customize their own decks on a Ranked ladder after unlocking multiple Spellslinger characters with a key.

From a staff-picked deck to a $4.99 new recruit package, Spellslinger has bundles available in the shop. Gems vary from 80 for a dollar to 12,000 for $100.

According to WotC, every booster pack includes six cards, with at least one card in each booster pack having a rarity of Rare, Epic, or Mythic.

Daily Deals that include gold, cards of various rarities, and shards are also offered by WotC for players who prefer free-to-play. Gems are also offered as level-up bonuses.

WotC has revealed no Spellslingers tournaments at the time of writing. And its unknown how long a season will last or what the rewards will be for attaining Mythic status.

Spellslingers may be accessed on Stream or via Android or iOS mobile devices.