Apex Legends has the rarest Vantage skins

Apex Legends has the rarest Vantage skins ...

Vantage has only recently joined the Apex Legends roster, but she has taken a while to change things up. Season 14 also included a Reforged update for Kings Canyon, a higher level cap, and significant changes to the game's guns, which will surely be remembered in the future.

Vantage hasnt been a part of Apex for long, but she has already accumulated a good amount of rare skins. Players interested in becoming the Survivalist Sniper can purchase and equip plenty of skins that demonstrate to your foe that you care. As it does for most legends, the number of rare skins at her disposal will only increase as the seasons pass.

Here are the Apex Legends' rarest Vantage skins.

Ice Cold

Ice Cold is one of Vantage's rarest skins because of its high purchase price, especially if you haven't earned any coins yet. Despite the price, Ice Cold's cute bear-themed symbolism might entice others to purchase it.


Sandswept is only an epic-level skin, but don't let that fool you: it's another rarest skin on the premium battle pass, which means you'll need to spend either Apex Coins or real money to get it. Battle pass skins usually aren't reissued or made available until their initial run during a season, so the best time to get one is during season 14.

Falcon Patrol

Falcon Patrol is a Vantages main legendary skin. It will always be available to craft from her portion of the Legends menu, but its high price makes it difficult to find. As of season 14, it costs 1,200 crafting metals to purchase, which isnt an unreasonable amount. Its not quite as difficult if youve purchased the premium battle pass, which grants crafting metals every 10 levels or so.

Nocturnal Tactics

Nocturnal Tactics is another Vantage classic skin. For the same reasons as Falcon Patrol, it is a popular Vantage skin: it costs 1,200 crafting metals to obtain. Comparatively fewer players want to invest in this skin, especially if they don't play it very often.

Genesis Effect

Genesis Effect is the third Vantages base legendaries. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it's quite similar to Falcon Patrol and Nocturnal Tactics in that it's gated by its high crafting cost. Some Vantage players may have 1,200 crafting metals sitting around, but were willing to wager most do not have 4,800 in the bank to make all four of Vantages base legendaries.