After destroying Excel in the 2022 Summer Split, Rogue has secured a playoff spot in the LEC playoffs

After destroying Excel in the 2022 Summer Split, Rogue has secured a playoff spot in the LEC playoff ...

Following their victory against Excel Esports in the final week of the regular season today, Rogue have secured a spot in the LECs 2022 Summer Split playoffs.

Rogue and Excel faced off in todays league of legends playoff match. For Excel, their 5-2 start to the LEC 2022 Summer Split has since become a distant memory. In the previous four weeks, Excel have only gone 2-6, and are now on the verge of a playoff spot.

@EXCEL and lose to #RGEWIN @Rogue and lose the playoffs!

Rogue's history has also included a win in the last two weeks as they look forward to todays match against Excel to end their own cold run. With only three games remaining before the Summer Split, a victory here was critical for both teams to either secure or reach the playoffs.

Following a quick two-kill lead for Nukeduck, the game shifted towards Excel, with bot laner Patrik starting to scale up. As Nukeducks kill lead over Rogues mid laner Larssen continued to grow.

Rogue responded with their first kill of the game onto Excel support Mikyx at the 16-minute mark to keep the gold lead within 1,000 as the game transitioned to the mid-game. This became a regular feature throughout the remainder of the game as the trio of Larssen, top laner Odoamne, and bot laner Comp continued to play pivotal roles in late-game teamfights before securing their playoff spot in style with a Comp pentakill.

Today's victory against Excel is a much-needed victory for Rogue after a short cold spell. Rogue now stands at 10-6 as they play Team BDS and Vitality in the LEC 2022 Summer Split.

Excel's mid-game difficulties have continued to plague the team in recent weeks. They are in danger territory with a 7-9 record, tied for eighth place with SK Gaming. They will aim to finish the season on a good note against SK and Astralis to close out the LEC 2022 Summer Split.