Knut, Adin Ross, and other streamers are dissatisfied with Twitch's backtracking of its TwitchCon 2022 COVID policies

Knut, Adin Ross, and other streamers are dissatisfied with Twitch's backtracking of its TwitchCon 20 ...

A number of content creators across Twitch have slammed the platform's COVID-19 policy change today. They have expressed their disdain or support for the platform's decision.

TwitchCon San Diego reversed its decision today and requires attendees to wear masks and provide either proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 testing, in an attempt to dispel fears among concerned attendees.

The initial announcement of TwitchCons new health policies was greeted with optimism both by streamers and viewers. Streamers such as xChocoBars, SoaRs Dray, and other creators praised Twitchs final decision. However, OTK co-founder Nmplol highlighted the sharp differences in opinion the Tweet soon elicited.

On these kinds of tweets, it's odd how quote RT and replies are always opposite.

Many other FaZe streamers responded with contrasting responses, including Swag, who responded to the official announcement by simply declaring L under the post, while NICKMERCS announced his own event in violation of TwitchCons rules.

Other streamers, such as the recently rising Knut, disapproved of Twitch's decision. I believe this is a terrible decision, according to Knut. However, I'll keep the rules since I'll only be disturbed for a few hours.

Adin Ross, one of the most popular platforms, replied vaguely and left their opinions up to interpretation, but others were more direct in their disapproval. If you're still worried about Covid in 2022 and feel you need a mask after being triple quadruple vaxxed, maybe just don't go to a convention or leave your house at all.

Countless artists have continued to follow Twitch's announcement as well as each other, and while many of the platforms' largest content creators have yet to declare their opinions, it is clear this debate will likely continue until TwitchCon San Diegos conclusion.