Best Fortnite Puzzle Map Codes (August 2022)

Best Fortnite Puzzle Map Codes (August 2022) ...

If you're looking to refresh your knowledge and discover new maps, then here are some fantastic puzzle maps for you to try. Escape rooms, quizzes, or discovering hidden objects are all popular game styles in Fortnite.

We list the finest recent puzzle maps available, and only select those that stand out in some way. Whether it's because of their clever design, difficulty, or uniqueness, you're certain to find something you like!

Best Fortnite Puzzle Map Codes List

  • Daily Puzzle Escape Rooms: 0597-2201-5280
  • The Hudson Mansion: 4293-5026-9534
  • Escape Room - Witch House: 0843-7298-3578
  • The Towering Inferno: 1941-6128-6815
  • The Secret of Puzzle Library: 4777-2914-5281
  • 50 Ways Out: 5562-0386-0559
  • Ultimate Find the Button: 5519-7078-3364
  • Exogenesis - Co-op Escape Puzzle: 8111-8467-7659
  • Spot the Difference Halloween Edition: 8222-8452-1872
  • Dungeon Prison: 1314-9611-5070

Best Fortnite Puzzle Maps

Escape Rooms for Daily Puzzles: 0597-2201-5280

This map contains a series of escape rooms that were released one day at a time. No futures updats are currently planned, but the map is still enjoyable! As an all-in-one map, it stands out from the competition by offering seven individual puzzles of varying difficulty.

4293-5026-9534: The Hudson Mansion Map Code

Player beware, you may not be able to complete this map due to it being too difficult, but because you're afraid to quit. The Hudson Mansion has many jump scares to put you out of your element, making it difficult for you to concentrate on the puzzles scattered throughout the house. Your only objective is to escape, but you may not be able to clear the deadly puzzle traps that keep you trapped.

Witch House Map Code: 0843-7298-3578 in Escape Room

The Witch House is a creepy escape room trick that puts you in the middle of your own haunting fairy tale. Your own chance of survival is your own cleverness. Can you manipulate her own magic to escape her menacing house?

1941-6128-6815: The Towering Inferno Map Code

Although it is currently underutilized, having a Detective as a character in a game is usually a dead giveaway that the game will be heavily focused on having players investigate clues, solve puzzles, and solve mysteries. This map is no exception. It could easily be regarded as the gold standard for Detective/Puzzle maps.

Puzzle Library's Secret: 4777-2914-5281

This is a tricky map that puts you in a Library that you must navigate through by solving a series of puzzles. The puzzles in this map follow a similar structure to escape rooms, but with less code locks to solve.

5562-0386-0559: 50 Ways Out Map Code

What makes this escape room so unique is that it does not have a long story for you to unfold as you progress. Instead, it has 50 simple mini-escape rooms that offer a unique challenge with every level. This is a challenging map that requires you to think clever solutions to 50 distinct situations. Check out the video below for help if you need to escape 50 times in a row!

5519-7078-3364: Ultimate Find the Button Map

Find the Button puzzles are not a new concept, although they are a rarity on Fortnite maps. On this map, you are placed in what appears to be the same area again and again, and you are tasked with finding the button each time. Some later levels require a thorough search and extensive use of your brain to think about where someone might hide something.

Co-Op Escape Puzzle Map Code: 8111-8467-7659 Exogenises: Co-Op Escape Puzzle Map Code: 8111-8467-7659

This map enticed us to try it out for the first time. It's a challenging, challenging puzzle that requires you to work together and combine your intelligence to solve clues and uncover the mystery of the story.

8222-8452-1872: Spot the Difference Halloween Edition Map Code

Everyone loves to play Spot the Difference puzzles regardless of the season! Each level on this inventive map will have two sides to a puzzle, with each side representing the same image. However, one image has differences from the other that you must distinguish in order to progress!

Dungeon Prison 3 Map Code:2523-7785-1762Dungeon Prison 2 Map Code:3908-1285-8738Dungeon Prison 1 Map Code: 6134-1187-5161

This is the third installment of the Dungeon Prison, a popular escape room dungeon series. You are required to perform difficult jumps, uncover hidden secrets, and solve complex puzzles in order to survive. We have included the codes for Dungeon Prison 2 and Dungeon Prison 1.

7709-8759-7393: The Guard's Puzzle Keep Map Code

You must enter a keep and locate a safe haven from the guards. There are hidden passages and hidden keys you'll need to unlock to unlock them. Each puzzle has its advantages and disadvantages; this map requires serious critical thinking and pattern recognition!

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