Icecore: How to Get Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

Icecore: How to Get Icecore in Tower of Fantasy ...

Players in Tower of Fantasy will discover a variety of items and materials that enhance the quality of weapons in the game. There are several elemental materials that allow players to enhance weapons with special elemental powers. The Icecore is a crystal with ice elemental power, and players may combine it with other augment consumables to strengthen weapons.

Where to find Icecore in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, players may find Icecore in several ways. The most straightforward is to find and collect Elemental Ores. While exploring the map, you will encounter frost crystals, which can be destroyed by ice elemental weapons. Alternatively, you can pick up a Frost Core from nearby, and throw it at the frost crystals all at once.

Icecore can be purchased in exchange for Black Gold from the Weapon Store. Icecore can be obtained from the Support Store. Players may also Fuse a number of Icecores to acquire elemental ores of higher rarity. For instance, combining four Icecores will give players a Heart of Winter. This Rare ore is required to increase weapons to higher levels.

Icecores are required for weapons like the Rosy Edge, Icewind Arrow, Absolute Zero, and Frosted Spear to be upgraded to higher levels. While exploring, we recommend players save up as it allows you to get higher rarity ores.