Tower of Fantasy's 2613 How to Get It

Tower of Fantasy's 2613 How to Get It ...

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMO game that combines light sci-fi elements with a fantasy feel. One mount you may have noticed is the floating cube, 2613.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you unlock the 2613 Mount?

The 2613 mount is a pre-registration reward for Tower of Fantasy. This mount will be added to your inventory when you claim the rewards. Unfortunately, you cannot use this mount until you unlock vehicles. Until you do this, the 2613 will simply be an item in your inventory.

After finishing Chapter 1-4 in the main story, you will be given a new mount, the Falcon. However, if you go to the Vehicles tab, you can see the 2613 vehicle.

The 2613 will be activated when you click the Activate button, and you can then swap it to your automobile or take this magical floating cube for a joyride. It's not exactly like the Falcon in its aspects, but it certainly has a distinct appearance.