In Tower of Fantasy, how do you get Firecore?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you get Firecore? ...

Players in Tower of Fantasy will find various items and materials that are required for enhancing and augmenting weapons. Elemental materials you find in the game are required to grant special elemental powers to specific weapons. The Firecore is a crystal with fire elemental power. These can also be used to strengthen weapons and Fused together to obtain higher rarity elemental ores.

Where to find Firecore in Tower of Fantasy?

During their adventure in Tower of Fantasy, players may obtain Firecore via various methods. While exploring the map, you will also find massive red crystals, which may be destroyed as well. Players will need a Fire elemental weapon to destroy the red crystals.

Firecore may be purchased in exchange for Black Gold from theWeapon Store. Likewise, Support Points may be exchanged to acquire Firecore from theSupport Store. Players may also Fuse a number of Firecores to obtain elemental ores of higher rarity. For example, combining four Firecore rewards players with aHeart of Lava.

Tower of Fantasy offers a higher level of rarities than rare ores. Weapons like Scythe of the Crow, Negating Cube, Molten Shield V2, and Composite Bow are some of the most common fire elemental equipment you will find. So, save them first before crafting weapons.