Described in Apex Legends All Vantage Abilities

Described in Apex Legends All Vantage Abilities ...

Apex Legends has a wide range of characters to choose from. Each legend in the game has three different abilities that are unique to that particular character. Here's a list of all the abilities of Vantage, a recon character introduced with Season 14 of Apex Legends.

All Vantage Abilities in Apex Legends

Echo, a bat-like creature, is Vantage's companion. You may send Echo to a specified location within the limits and then launch towards it for an easy yet swift relocation maneuver. One thing to keep in mind is that Echo must be in your line of sight if you want to launch successfully.

Apex Legends' youngest character has a powerful Sniper Rifle as her ultimate ability. Her personal custom weapon may be pulled out anytime for use provided it has recharged at least one of its five bullet capacities. This means you may use her ultimate once it reaches the 20 percent charge mark.

Tagging an enemy with a special weapon marks them for a short time for you and your teammates. However, the mark only works as long as the tagged opponent is out of cover. Furthermore, shooting an enemy gives you and your team additional damage points.

Mara, the Sniper Savant, has a passive ability just like every other legend in the game. When you aim down sights unarmed, you can discover crucial information about your foes, including their body shield rarity, distance to the target, and bullet drop indicators.

In the video below, you may see the character trailer demonstrating Vantage's abilities.

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