At the age of 53, a former Dancing With the Stars competitor passed away

At the age of 53, a former Dancing With the Stars competitor passed away ...

Anne Heche, an actor and winner of Dancing With the Stars, died on Friday, August 12, 2022, a week after being involved in a fiery automobile accident on Friday, August 5, 2022.

Nancy Davis, a Heches friend, confirmed the news in an Instagram post.

She wrote that Heaven has a new angel. My sweet, kind, funny, endearing, and wonderful friend @anneheche passed away. I will miss her immensely and cherish all of the wonderful memories we have shared.

Anne was always the kindest and thoughtful person who always encouraged me to achieve my potential. She would always say yes whenever she knew she could, because she had time, talent, and creative flair to help discover a cure for MS. My heart is broken.

Homer Laffoon, 20, is her oldest son, while Atlas Heche Tupper, 13, is her second husband. Coleman Coley Laffoon is a real estate broker. She shares Homer with her husband.

Atlas was born in 2009 to Heche and her ex-boyfriend, James Tupper, according to Hollywood Life. Tupper is a Canadian actor and he met Heche on the set of Men in Trees in 2018.

Heche was the daughter of Don Heche and Nancy Heche. According to the New York Post, her father had sexually molested her in 2001. She also said she was abused by her father, who was dead for over 20 years at the time of the interview.

Heche began his career as a soap opera star in Another World in the late 1980s. Heche later starred in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Six Days, Seven Nights, and Return to Paradise.

She received recognition for her work on Broadway. She competed alongside professional dancer Keo Motsepe on the 29th season of Dancing With the Stars.

Heche was well-known for her acclaim as a comedian and talk-show host Ellen Degeneres. The couple started dating in 1997, but they broke up in 2000, according to ABC News.

Heche was also in several ongoing projects at the time of the accident. A Lifetime film will premiere this fall, as well as a horror-thriller Full Ride and an HBO show titled Idol hosted by Sam Levinson.

Heche Was Involved In a Fiery Car Crash

Anne Heche (@anneheche) has shared a post on her blog.

Heche was involved in a fiery car accident on Friday, August 5, 2022. Her representative later disclosed to People that she fell into a coma from which she never recovered consciousness.

According to CNN, a blue Mini Cooper Heches vehicle was at an all-time high speed when it crashed off the road and collided with a residence.

The crash occurred at 10:55 a.m. PT when a vehicle collided with a house located on the 1700 block of Walgrove Ave., according to ET Online. The LAPD did not identify the driver nor any injuries, although an officer informed the outlet the driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

The 59 firefighters who worked for more than an hour to put out the fires

According to CNN, the LAPD is investigating the collision as well as a misdemeanor hit and run incident.

Heche crashed into an apartment complex' garage, according to TMZ's original report, but sped off after the incident.

The actress was deemed to be under the influence and acting erratically, according to law enforcement personnel.

The Crash Is Being Investigated as a Felony

According to USA Today, Heche was being investigated for her accident in order for the LAPD to determine if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. Later, CNN reported that the crash was being investigated as a felony.

Officer Jeff Lee of the Los Angeles Police Department told CNN that his blood showed signs of impairment, and that is why it is now being investigated as a felony traffic collision.

The blood draw results showed the presence of narcotics, but further testing is required to rule out any substances administered in the hospital, according to the author.