SEE IT: Anne Heches' Last Instagram Post Filled With Harsh Comments

SEE IT: Anne Heches' Last Instagram Post Filled With Harsh Comments ...

Anne Heche, an actor, died after a car accident that left her badly burned and with a severe brain injury, according to People magazine. She was 53 years old.

In a statement, Anne will be greatly missed, but she lives on through her lovely sons, her iconic body of work, and her tireless advocacy. Her courage for always standing in her truth, and spreading her message of love and acceptance, will continue to have a lasting impact.

Heche was involved in a vehicle accident in Los Angeles on Friday, August 5, 2022. According to TMZ, Heche was driving when she crashed into a house, causing her vehicle to burst into flames.

The actress was taken to a nearby hospital where she remained in a coma until she died. She shared her last Instagram post on July 14, 2022.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Heches Last Instagram Photo Was Taken on Set

Anne Heche (@anneheche) has shared a post.

A month before she died, Heche was working on a rom-com with Joey Lawrence and his brother Andrew Lawrence in Boston.

The actress's final Instagram post was a photo with the Lawrence brothers and Samantha Cope, both of whom were filming the film together.

Lawrence Bros had good times on set, and Heche captioned the post.

Heche revealed in a video posted to her Instagram feed the day before that she was putting on a new character for the film. Several people took to the comments section of that particular post to express their thanks to Heche.

One comment read: Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

You are loved. Someone else wrote my prayers for healing.

On Heches Instagram, a few people have left comments about the incident.

Anne Heche (@anneheche) has shared a post.

The incident prior to her death was being investigated, and authorities were attempting to determine whether Heche was under the influence at the time of the crash.

Officer Lizeth Lomeli of the LAPD told Deadline on August 10, 2022 that based on the blood tests, it revealed the presence of narcotics. However, additional testing is required because we have to rule out substances that were administered by medical treatment, according to him.

Before this story, TMZ reported on what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol inside Heches' car before the accident. Police suspect that Heche was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

People rushed over to the Heches Instagram account to leave comments. Many left well wishes and prayers, others criticised the actress, many believing that she was drunk.

You might have killed someone! One person wrote that she was so selfish.

The truth always comes out. If you want to end your life you may do it in other ways without putting yourself in harms way!!!! Youre LUCKY no-one was murdered. I hate drunk drivers, they ruin everyone's lives, and some others.

Another suggestion is to not drink and drive.

A fourth Instagram user said: You might have killed someone. Shame on you.