Alicia Keys, an ex-voice coach, reveals the secrets to a happy marriage

Alicia Keys, an ex-voice coach, reveals the secrets to a happy marriage ...

Alicia Keys, who coached on The Voice in seasons 11, 12 and 14, recently posted on Instagram about her 12-year wedding anniversary to Swizz Beatz. She displayed photos of her gorgeous gown and her happy day in an Instagram photo carousel.

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Keys captioned the image with This is the day we got married!/Look at these cutie pies!!/Those same stars are still in our eyes/And its only getting better!!!!

Keys met her husband while still going by his given name, Kasseem Dean, in her autobiography, More Myself: A Journey. They went to the same college for years, but Keys wanted nothing to do with Swizz or with her.

When they began to work together professionally, it all changed. Keys wrote in her autobiography, "The more we talked the more I noticed how his mind worked." Beyond the baggy jeans and arm tats there was depth. He was so aware of what was going on around the world.

According to People, Beatz proposed in 2010 and the couple married the same year. They now have two sons, Egypt Daoud, 12, and Genesis Ali, 8.

The Keys to a Happy Marriage

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Keys shared candid Instagram stories of her wedding, but she also explained how she and her hubby maintain their marriage. Even if she wasn't speaking directly to her husband, her words resonated with followers as valuable advice.

Keys wrote, When we said our vows, we wanted our love to never be about controlling each other or being the boss of each other/We set each other free Thats secret number one: don't try to control each other.

We love each other with open arms and a open heart, according to the former Voice coach. We love each other just the way we are, and we grow together in our many ways and directions. And there's also secret number two: love each other, mistakes and all.

We are best friends. We were so transparent and connected to each other. We laugh hard and we love hard and we cherish each other. There are many lessons to be learned here: be honest, celebrate laughter and love hard.

I can't believe it! 12 years!! Of pure love! There's NO love more precious than this! Every day, I wake up looking forward to you! Forevermore.

Keys and her husband were ecstatic by fans, who vowed to follow their example. One fan wrote, Happy Anniversary to you both. Your love will last through many lifetimes.

Someone else commented, sweet sentiment. Congrats on the first 12 sunsets and wonderful moments. Another impressed fan commented, Damning being so in love after 12 years! It's the ticket! So glad you set each other free!!

Keys should write a book on the secrets to lasting love, according to a fan: "People need help to understand how intimate partnerships work, particularly young people who are considering their futures."