The Necromancer Shepherd set is heavily nerfed by a Diablo Immortal bug

The Necromancer Shepherd set is heavily nerfed by a Diablo Immortal bug ...

Players are reporting a Diablo Immortal bug that is apparently nerfing Necromancer minions when wearing the Shepherds Call to Wolves set in the RPG game. The set, which is one of the preferred endgame Diablo Immortal builds for Necromancer, described by Maxroll as possibly the best set for them in the entire game for PvP and PvE, is currently suffering from the apparent loss of one of its key buffs.

Multiple posts on the Diablo Immortal bug report forums on the Blizzard website have highlighted the problem, all of which indicate that the Necromancers minions would not receive the damage they expected, although the attack speed boost appears to be working as planned.

The Shepherd set offers three levels of bonus depending on how many pieces you have equipped. With two pieces on, your summons will deal 15% additional damage. Equip four pieces, and your critical hit chance is increased by 3% for each summon you have active up to a maximum bonus of 18%.

The ability to summon a minions into a frenzied state for ten seconds each time one of them critically hits is increased by 60%. Cannot be repeated more than once every 40 seconds, according to users. However, users have discovered that the damage buff is not.

Due to a lack of time to complete sets, the Shepard set, for example, requires six pieces to be collected across six different dungeons, from Hell I to Hell IV difficulty. Its also frustrating when you finally complete the loadout youve been attempting to complete, only to discover that it isnt working as intended. Given the recent reports, it's possible that Blizzard will notice the problem and remedy it in a future patch.

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