In 2022, here are the top low-cost VPN providers

In 2022, here are the top low-cost VPN providers ...

Those who want to protect their privacy online are increasingly looking for a low-cost VPN. Of course, its reasonable to be concerned that a lower price implies a lower quality service, therefore weve put together this list to assist you in choosing the right VPN solutions (these two things need not be mutually exclusive).

Some low-cost VPN services come from somewhat less well-known companies or ones that have only existed for a few years, while others come from large, established companies that like to offer affordable alternatives for their customers.

Weve selected four low-cost VPN providers for you (including a free VPN). Each of them has a unique service that each meets different needs, and despite their lower price, they could all be regarded as among the finest VPN services overall.

The best low-cost VPN providers are:

  • PrivadoVPN best free option
  • Ivacy VPN cheapest option
  • Private Internet Access cheap option
  • CyberGhost affordable option

1.The best free VPN

PrivadoVPN is one of the recent VPN additions, and since it was founded back in 2019, it has certainly made waves.While we have rated it as the best free VPN, it does include paid packages as well, but there is still a solid option available to anyone who does not want to pay.

The biggest drawback of the free plan is the fact that it limits you to 10GB of data per month, although that will most likely be enough for most users. Your VPN may not be on all the time, so if you switch it on whenever you're doing certain sensitive searches or using public Wi-Fi, those 10GB should serve you well.

PrivadoVPN features
LocationsHundreds of servers in 59 cities in 46 countries
Services unblockedNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu
Free trialOffers a free package which can be used indefinitely, but only up to 10GB a month and with one connection at a time
Money-back guarantee30 days
Simultaneous connections10
Router supportNo

2.The cheapest VPN

Weve given Ivacy VPN the title of the cheapest VPN, but we also acknowledge that there are a few cheaper services out there, but youare unlikely to find one this good, for such a low price.

Ivacy VPN starts at as little as $1 per month (an exclusive offer for our readers) but only if you buy the five-year plan. This does mean that you're paying quite a lot from the start, but also that you're getting a decent rate if you divide it by month. Plus, Ivacy VPN has servers in over 100 countries, and allows you to have up to ten simultaneous connections, making it a fairly robust service.

Ivacy VPN features
Locations5,700+ servers in over 100 countries
Services unblockedBBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix
Free trialNo $0.99 seven day trial instead
Money-back guarantee30 days
Simultaneous connections10
Router supportYes

3.The best cheap VPN

Private Internet Access is available for all levels of use, from cheapest to cheap. Its rates may not be as low as $1 a month, but they are as low as $2.03 per month. Thats a deal that you will not find anywhere else.

For that low price, you get access to a VPN that is compatible with most streaming services, which has over 35,000 different servers to choose from, and which allows you to make up to ten simultaneous connections. It's not the absolute cheapest, but for what you get, it's pretty impressive.

Private Internet Access features
Locations35,000+ servers in 78+ countries
Services unblockedNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube
Free trial lengthNo free trial
Money-back guarantee30 days
Simultaneous connections10
Router supportYes

4.The best affordable VPN

We thought affordable was a good way to describe the next step up from cheap and for this one we have chosen CyberGhost, which is the most expensive VPN on this list, but it's still quite reasonable when compared to many of the other providers out there, especially with this exclusive deal for PCGN readers.

CyberGhost has over 7,400 servers in over 91 countries, it cooperates with major streaming services, it uses industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data as private as possible, and it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. When you reach the point of no-return, you should be able to see if it is worth the money.

CyberGhost features
Locations7,400+ servers in 91+ countries
Services unblockedNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu,Prime
Free trial lengthCard-free for 1 day
Money-back guarantee45 days
Simultaneous connections7
Router supportYes

If you're on the lookout for a VPN, but don't have a lot of spare room, we hope this has been a useful reference for you. We compared the pricing options and features offered by different VPN companies so that we could be certain that we were providing inexpensive, yet trustworthy, and reliable recommendations.

If you need further help on selecting a cheap VPN, check out our guide on the best VPN deals for additional money-saving opportunities.