In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you obtain lumber and stone?

In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you obtain lumber and stone? ...

Cult of the Lamb is a cult simulation game that combines roguelike and management, and it's the last one we've examined here. Certainly, lumber and stone are required for building better sleeping quarters, toilets, farms, and other such quality-of-life improvements.

These aren't difficult to obtain in Cult of the Lamb, but you do run out quickly, so you need to know where to get them in the pinch. Here, we'll walk you through the various methods and locations for the two building materials in Cult of the Lamb, lumber and stone.

How to get lumber in Cult of the Lamb

Lumber is just a fancyr term for wood but, as such, it is one of the most valuable assets in Cult of the Lamb. Youll need a lot of it in all of your important cult structures, including your temple, farms, and even prisons. The more you advance in the game, the more resources youll have and the less resources youll have at your disposal.

When Ratau hands over his old crumbling ruin on which you build your cult, youll notice a few trees and logs scattered around. Youll be able to get to work cutting them down and collecting wood as soon as these first few trees are gone, but these will eventually grow up, providing you with some extra emergency lumber.

Either you or your followers can dig up tree branches; while you may be faster than they are, there are methods to boost follower work speed, such as gifting them necklaces or constructing propaganda speakers.

The lumberyard may be unlocked in the second level of your shrine unlocks using Divine Inspiration. Ironically, you may build as many lumberyards as you wish as long as you have enough lumber, but it will not automatically enter your inventory unless you pick up it from a chest outside the lumberyard itself.

The lumberyard is a great place to start early, because if you run out of lumber youll want one, and youll be stuck in a trap while waiting for tree growth.

The best strategy for obtaining significant lumber is out on crusade. Part of the random generation aspect of Cult of the Lamb means that youll be given different adventures, with different dungeons and rooms along each of them. Youll have to make the difficult decision which perk room youd like from options such as materials, followers, health, and more but you cant have all of them.

How to get stone in Cult of the Lamb

Stone is a useful material when building your woolly cult. Though lumber is not included in many crucial blueprints, it is still required for farming, sleeping quarters, decorative monuments, and other uses.

When you first arrive on your cult grounds, stone ore will be generated. Unlike trees, this may be harvested by yourself or a follower to turn it into stone. Thats when a stone mine comes in handy.

You can also construct a stone mine on your base, which will require a level of Divine Inspiration to unlock. Once it is built, you may add a follower to the mine, gradually adding more stone as you go about your important cult-leader business.

When you're out on a quest, kicking butt and taking names, you may be able to choose a path with a stone room. While this does provide you with a substantial amount of stone to take back to base, we wouldnt recommend it unless youre desperate because it can be taken from other areas in most dungeons.

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Starting your Cult of the Lamb journey should be as easy as learning how to make the most of your surroundings and fill your pockets with stone and lumber. There are more information available in our huge Cult of the Lamb beginners guide, and youll want to know all aboutDoctrines as soon as your temple is up and running.