The Diablo Immortal bug has perplexed players once more with a reduced EXP

The Diablo Immortal bug has perplexed players once more with a reduced EXP ...

The Diablo Immortal bug is causing havoc in the RPG game once more. This time, the issue is randomly reduced EXP values obtained from enemies while farming. Some free-to-play games most dedicated grinding enthusiasts have been attempting to identify the cause, which is causing farming to become less efficient due to random inconsistencies in earned experience values.

staplepies, a Reddit user who claims to be one of the games' top farming experts on the American servers and were among the first players to achieve level 150, researched the mysterious experience bug in greater depth.

The examples given are for the Shassar Oasis zone, but Staplepies claims that the bug has been encountered everywhere Ive tested to some degree. Due to their high paragon level, their earned experience is already reduced from the baseline amount, thus they are only expected to earn 10% of the default amount. This is Diablo Immortals way of keeping a servers population level at roughly the same rate.

However, Staplepies began to notice anomalies in the experience values that were appearing in their log. Dust Imps (54 XP), Drubs (48 XP) and Sand Golems (129 XP) are three distinct enemies that should be the only ones that appear in the location when fighting non-elite mobs (Staplepies notes that the bug also affects elite mobs, but they have ignored them in their examples).

They then show a series of increasingly bizarre numbers popping up, some marginally lower, such as a Dust Imp awarding 42 experience instead of the expected 54, but others dropping as low as just one or two experience for a mob. The bug can also affect the experience globes that drop randomly, and these don't necessarily match up to bugged kill experience values.

Staplepies also conducted testing in a party, claiming that the problem affects all players in their group but not at the same time or with the same values as one another. It's believed that the random numbers may be coming from other sources such as quests or events, and that the problem is occurring for individuals at many different levels (meaning that it's not necessarily related to the intention to experience the server).

The players also have to keep in mind that there are a few more things to keep an eye on. For example, a higher proportion of bugged experience values in certain zones may be causing the issue.

Whatever the reason for this defect, it is proving problematic for players who are passionate about farming. It's possible for players to win higher paragon levels without spending as much money. Staplepies describes themselves as a low-budget player, but believes they can keep up with players at 3-5x their resonance level for several days by being among the first to a new paragon level, until the other players catch up.

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Staplepies on Reddit have given us a screenshot credit.