New information about Gotham Knights give a different interpretation of Batmans Gotham City

New information about Gotham Knights give a different interpretation of Batmans Gotham City ...

Warner Bros. Montreal's new open-world game, Gotham Knights, is set to be released in October, offering a far different perspective on Batman's Gotham City, unlike Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy or Robert Pattinson's The Batman.

Gotham City, like real-life New York, is divided into five boroughs: North Gotham, Lower Gotham, Historic Gotham, Downtown Gotham, and New Gotham. Each borough is reigned over by one of the city's historic, founding families, which includes the determined Cobblepots, of latter-day Penguin fame, and the sinister, manipulative Arkhams.

While others will retain their original 18th and 19th century architecture, or will be dismantled. In Gotham Knights, the story of the eponymous city dates back over 400 years and is linked intimately to the mysterious, Illuminati-like Court of Owls, who seems to control Gotham from the shadows.

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is a fairly modern, sleek conurbation, while the Robert Pattinson-directed The Batman portrays a semi-imperial Victorian London, which is bordered with a steam-and-coal-driven Victorian city.

Warner Bros. Montreal claims to be attempting to convey an open-world playground that is vast and expressive. It is attempting to make a convincing impression of a city that has changed over centuries.

Patrick Redding, the creator of Gotham Knights, tells IGN that we began to think about the major events in history that the [Court of Owls] would have responded to. All of these ideas become part of the conversation, allowing us to reconstruct layers of forgotten history.

The main level designer for Gotham Knights is Kristofor McMahan, who also designed the entire game. The families lived there. They constructed massive structures within their districts. And then, we built around it. There are a lot of areas that are kind of stuck in time.

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