The Tower of Fantasy's Vehicle List, as well as how to unlock every vehicle

The Tower of Fantasy's Vehicle List, as well as how to unlock every vehicle ...

Tower of Fantasy vehicles are one of the cool new features in this open-world game based on the Tower of Fantasy characters system. Vehicles will allow you to explore Aida's world in a fast manner.

The game currently has eight Tower of Fantasy vehicles available for download, with one being very quick to obtain. Although there's little variation, there's a wide variety of options so you'll find something that fits your style, provided you can unlock it first.

Here is a list of all the vehicles from Tower of Fantasy: The Lost Legacy.

  • Falcon
  • Chaser
  • Omnium Beast VII
  • Voyager
  • Monocross
  • Dust Wheeler
  • 2613
  • Mechbird

In Tower of Fantasy, you can unlock the Falcon early. Follow the early game instruction until you visit Hykros for the first time. At the end of the quest chain there, before you return to Aida's surface, you'll receive the Falcon to assist you through the map quicker.

Five of the remaining seven vehicles require you to collect the various components that make up the vehicle, which you will then forge together to create the complete ride that youll then be able to equip and move around with. Alternatively, the Mechbird is linked to one of the special launch events, which we will explain below.

The other two vehicles do not require you to collect components, instead they are given as reward for accomplishing specific tasks. Check out the other Tower of Fantasy items, such as the jetpack and the hoverboard, that aid you in traversing the world.

All Tower of Fantasy vehicles

Here is a complete overview of the Tower of Fantasy vehicles currently available.

When you visit Hykros for the first time and complete the short quest chain there, this two-wheel motorbike is as stylish as it is fast and easy to acquire.

The Magnetic Rod and the Maglev Stalker are two of the most common sci-fi looking pogosticks that hang above your heads. They are both found in world exploration.

The previous six Omnium Beasts were unveiled, but the seventh iteration is surprisingly sharp, and you can pretend you're half-Gundam as you ride around in this bipedal walking device. All three components are discovered during world exploration.

This single-seater hover vehicle is equally as inexpensive as it is cheerful, with a road racer-style bonnet exhaust. The Voyager Engine, Voyager Thruster, Voyager Control Room, and the Voyager Hull are all found in world exploration.

If you've been playing Horizon: Forbidden West recently and found there weren't enough cybernetic unicorns in the world, you're in luck. These are all components you'll acquire via world exploration.

This single-seater mono-wheel buggy appears to have blown right out of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and right into our hearts. This vehicle is unlockable when competing in the Apex League, as a reward for reaching the rank of Grand Marshal in a season.

This is a floating blue rubiks cube that is apparently a vehicle. According to the in-game description, it is able to maneuver smoothly, even on rough roads, but it is also particularly visible late at night.

The GOAT has arrived. Except for the mechbird, the Mechbird: Head, the Mechbird: Legs, and the Mechbird: Core. The components are acquired during week four of the Road Strife Global Launch event.

Vehicle maintenance missions and refit

Vehicle maintenance missions will involve you with looking for specific components to enhance your car's maintenance level. The mission list will be updated daily in case you need to revisit one.

Maintenance missions have no place at level 32, although once unlocked, increasing a vehicles popularity through completing maintenance missions can unlock things like additional paint jobs. Every vehicle also has a refit mechanic, which unlocks at level 32 as well.

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This is all you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy vehicle list. Here's what you should know about the Tower of Fantasy leveling system as well as the Tower of Fantasy battle pass to avoid missing out on some valuable free stuff for the first game.