Steam fixes predicted a remaster of Quake 2 before Quakecon

Steam fixes predicted a remaster of Quake 2 before Quakecon ...

As the classic FPS receives a variety of mysterious, telling updates on its Steam page, it appears that Quakes new owner Bethesda may be planning to update the shooter with a new version, both of which will keep us busy while we await Bethesdas' space RPG Starfield.

The Steam listing for Quake 2 was changed in a variety of ways on August 11, including the names for the game's various mission packs as well as some of the configuration settings to launch the game from the Valves marketplace. Most importantly, however, the description for Quake 2 was significantly altered, suggesting that the game might be ready for a relaunch.

Mankind is at war with the Strogg, according to the game's new description, a hostile alien race is planning an invasion of Earth. You must fight to silence the enemy's war machine. Only then will humanity's fate be known.

Changes to Quake 2's Steam page do not necessarily imply a remaster. Bethesda and id Software recently changed some of the listings for both Doom and Quake, combining the two into a single package with Master Levels and Final Doom, and the original Doom 3 with the reworked BFG Edition, which might explain the Steam listing changes.

Doom 3 did not, and of course, the original Quake has already been remastered in 2021, and it appears like a project is being undertaken to revitalize and relaunch the entire franchise. Especially ahead of Quakecon (which unfortunately looks unlikely to produce any further information on Starfield), it would follow that the classic FPS will receive some kind of push, possibly in the form of a Quake 2 remake.

id Software is just removing some new frontpage language from its metaphorical closet, according to PCGamesN, if any rumors of a remaster are true.

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