Are valuable skins just out of reach? Riot will give you some VP

Are valuable skins just out of reach? Riot will give you some VP ...

Valuable skins may be purchased for as little as $30 or as much as you want them to cost in Riots most famous FPS game, but players who want to get the Reaver 2.0 package will have to pay a lot to get them added to their arsenal. However, in situations where you are under the total, Riot will pay the remainder of the bill.

Weapon skins are a great way to differentiate your Valorant characters from the rest of the battlefield. No one can argue with the fact that, once a Reaver skin is on the ground, players flock to it like moths to a flame.

While this is great for lining up shots and popping heads, players have felt a bit depressed by the sequel bundle to the famous skin line, which costs half the price of the whole bundle.

Others have jumped at the opportunity (pun entirely intended) and purchased the whole package, but one player ended up being only a single VP short of being able to purchase it. Thankfully, Riot Games has saved the day and given the player that extra VP.

The purchase of VP in Valorant is a technical discipline in itself, with a calculator, mathematical knowledge, and a lot of plus signs. As VP comes in set packages (which vary depending on the region), you may have to pay much more than what you need to pay for the skin you want.

One player has pointed out that, in the event where youre only short a few VP, sending a customer support message to Riot can get you the skins you want without forcing you to pay extra money.

If youre a few VP short, you can submit a support ticket to Riot, writes one player on the games subreddit, and attaching an image showing the final purchase screen. I, of course, was only one VP short, so I submitted the ticket.

The support for a lot of people was taken in about a day. Waiting was unbearable, but I couldnt be happier! Then, they attach a video showing off their new gear.

The playersstatespeople estimate that you can only get up to 50 points, but others have said that it's more sucks to be the guy who says I'm 7,100VP short.

Although we do advise you not to harass Riot for Vice President, its nice to know that there is a small ray of sunshine at the end of the poverty tunnel, but whats the point of having a good skin if you don't have the skills to back it up? Be sure to check out our list of the best Valorant crosshairsand codes to ensure that you not only look good, but also play good.