Eight locations for WoW Dragonflight dungeons are revealed in this preview

Eight locations for WoW Dragonflight dungeons are revealed in this preview ...

Every new WoW Dragonflight dungeon, including four leveling ones, will be included in the next Mythic+ season. Without further ado, here are a few highlights.

The Waking Shores have Ruby Life Pools, which are the lifeblood of the Red Dragonflight. This precious sanctum is the breeding ground for drakes and dragons of the crimson persuasion, but it is being threatened by Primalist forces a breed of proto-dragons which believe in Draconic supremacy and therefore oppose the more harmonious Dragon Aspects.

Neltharus is a horde hidden beneath the Obsidian Citadel, home to the Black Dragonflight, which also contains the rest of the citadel. The Djaradin, elemental half-giants native to the Dragon Isles, have occupied this chamber, as have the other half of the citadel.

Brackenhide Hollow is a large Gnoll settlement hidden in the Azure Span's brambles and thickets, which has a dark secret. This bestial community is being led by Decatriarch Wratheye, who has been playing with decay magic, putting the entire region at jeopardy.

The Azure Vault, also found in The Azure Span, represents the collected horde of Sindragosa, a treasure trove of magical items, creatures, and curios. However, its been thousands of years since it was opened, and the strange inhabitants of the Vault have their own plans.

A civil conflict between the centaur clans Clan Nokhuds and Ohnahra has erupted in the Ohnahran Plains. Players will have a chance to take part in the climatic assault, The Nokhud Offensive, to rescue Ohnahra from Balakar Khan.

Keeper Tyr hid the Norgannon Discs in the Deeps of Uldaman, far from the Dragon Isles and deep in the Badlands. On Queen Alexstrasza's instructions, players must return to the titan archive and restore Tyrs' memories in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.

The ancient halls of infusion are located in Thaldraszus, the home of the Bronze Dragonflight. The dungeon is one of the giant's hidden sanctums, long since protected by the Keepers. In recent years, Primalists have infiltrated the ancient halls.

Algethar Academy is the last dungeon in the Algethar Aspects, although its unlikely that it will be related to the Blue Dragonflight, the most magical of the Dragon Aspects. Given how each zone has held two dungeons thus far, it's reasonable to assume that this will be located in Thaldraszus.

The full details of the Blizzardsblog post are available here. Check out our list of new WoW Dragonflight Monk abilities. Alternatively, you can make your auction fortune with the new WoW Shadowlands patch, which has reinstated the remote auction house.