The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been postponed once more

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been postponed once more ...

The developer of Avalanche Software has announced that the Hogwarts Legacy release date will be extended for the next three years. The delay will help the team deliver the best possible game experience, though Avalanche offered no further details on the reasons for the recent Hogwarts Legacy delay.

The fact that development requires more time and that it is facing unanticipated difficulties isnt entirely surprising. Back in March, we only saw the very slightest glimpse of footage in a next-gen immersion trailer, which included very little information about the game itself and some behind-the-scenes footage of the Hufflepuff common room.

The lack of new information hasn't slowed fan anticipation, at least it has encouraged them to pursue their dreams. Some HP supporters visited Reddit recently, and stated a few of their hopes and dreams for the game, including the desire that they may do some homework as part of their in-game tasks, although learning how to shoot flames out of a stick sounds much more enjoyable.

In any case, you'll have to wait a bit longer for Hogwarts Legacy, which most likely won't include Harry Potter in it, but it still leaves plenty of room for other interesting additions to the well-known book series, from common rooms to important figures from magical history.

Although there are still plenty of PC games to be excited about in 2022, there are also some excellent RPGs to keep you company until then.

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