What are the answers to Lolitas Riddles in the Tower of Fantasy?

What are the answers to Lolitas Riddles in the Tower of Fantasy? ...

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of things to offer, and you will be busy for hours upon hours. One of the most exciting side quests is Lolita's Riddles. It may be difficult to complete because to the fact that Lolita has a lot of riddles. Here are the answers to her questions.

Lolitas Riddles answers

Lolitas quest is straightforward. She just wants you to answer some questions, all based on the gameplay you have experienced so far. They should be fairly straightforward as long as you are paying attention.

Lolita can be seen just outside of Astra Shelter where you begin the game. Begin your conversation with her and begin answering your questions. Here are some of the questions and answers that she will ask you.

  • What is the name of the comet that Project Prism intends to capture? Answer: The Comet, Mara
  • Which organization is credited with the invention of suppressors? Answer: Hykros
  • Do you know what happens to ordinary people if they lose their suppressors? Answer: They will turn in to aberrants
  • There are two kinds of Omnium Towers in the world: those that send Omnium, and those that receive it. Now then, do you know which Omnium Tower is the sending kind? Answer: Tower of Fantasy
  • In total, how many Omnium Towers are there in the world? Answer: Five

Lolita will reward you with weapon upgrade items and EXP once you have answered all five of the questions correctly. A decent reward for answering some simple questions.