In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you prepare and eat food?

In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you prepare and eat food? ...

A cult is nothing without a loyal following. This means treating the members of the Cult of the Lamb as well as eliminating the doubters, and of course, keeping them from becoming hungry (even if you intend to sacrifice them in the end).

How to make food

Youll need to obtain the Cooking Fire from the game early on, so you can build it early on. Youll also be able to see what ingredients you will need to prepare each type of food, some of which may be foraged, and others that will require farming.

Once you have all you need to know about cooking, you may choose up to 12 dishes to cook at the same time. If you fail, your food will be rendered inedible, especially if you prepare large quantities of meat.

How to eat food

For this to work, you should start a conversation with one and select the interact option from the first menu. From here, select the find a meal and eat option, which should be at the bottom of the menu. Be sure to feed the right people after food, since you dont want them to starve.