Tower of Fantasy's best female character presets

Tower of Fantasy's best female character presets ...

In MMOs such as Tower of Fantasy, the popularity of female avatars is unsurpassed, and the precedent is as old as EverQuest. Females tend to seek out more interesting apparel choices, better accessories, and simply integrate into stories better than their male counterparts There's a reason the FemShep trend began.

Tower of Fantasy, an anime-style game that gives players a wide range of options to create their perfect female avatar, may prove to be quite overwhelming for some players. However, this free-to-play MMO also offers many options to help with the mild side effects of indecision paralysis, such as importing avatars from other users and developer-created presets.

How to import a character in Tower of Fantasy

The seven-digit code that is automatically applied to all characters on creation in Tower of Fantasy is all you need to do to create them. You may browse user-created avatars within the main menu for character creation, then copy and paste the character code to your liking.

Best female Tower of Fantasy characters

There are more than twice as many user-created presets for women as there are for men, according to the good news. Here's a list of the top five female character presets that you may import and immediately use.

Female characters do not need to be overly flamboyant and snarling with a lot of substance. Instead, they can offer a much more direct warning while still being the prettiest in the server. This character design is a great example of walking softly and carrying a big stick.

2B is a living legend, and weve seen her cross into other games before. In Aida's post-dystopic tech-world, the classic appearance of 2B is a natural sight, even without the classic heels that usually accompany the heroine.

Despite how glamorous it may appear, long hair does not work in close combat. Fortunately, Tower of Fantasy has several ranged weapons. This wonderful design is perfect for warriors who prefer to attack from a distance, keeping their appearance intact.

If your combat style is of the up-close-and-personal variety, youll want to ensure your locks arent tangled in the fray. This character design will not need to worry about where her hair is flying, allowing you to concentrate on your knives, swords, glaives, and anything else you happen to unlock.

Do you desire long hair and the ability to close the distance without worrying about it? Tie that hair up with a stylish bandanna, add a ponytail, and ensure your jacket matches your hair color in an off-shade way, and swing for the fences? Do you want to match two melee weapons to your suit?