In Tower of Fantasy, how do I unlock the Omnium Handcannon?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I unlock the Omnium Handcannon? ...

As you travel through Tower of Fantasy, you will discover a wide array of relics. These items include items that will help you in combat, traversing the map, or uncover new items. Each of them has a purpose, that is why it is important to collect them all. For example, the Omnium Handcannon will help you traverse the map in ways you could not previously. You just need to unlock it first.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you unlock the Omnium Handcannon?

Before you complete the second chapter of the game, you will be able to unlock the Omnium Handcannon, but you must first reach level 18 to retrieve this ancient object.

After spending a small amount of time in this Ruin dungeon, you will be able to enter Ruin A-03. This Ruin dungeon is located in the northern part of the Astra region just north of Astra Shelter.

What does the Omnium Handcannon do?

A pillar will rise up when you shoot this weapon at the ground. You may climb and stand on this pillar to help you navigate obstacles.

If you fire this weapon at the water, it will create a pillar that you may then use on the water. These pillars last for about 30 seconds before disappearing. They can also be used to deter lasers, so you may get through doorward. Unfortunately, this relic is not useful for combat.