In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you move and destroy buildings?

In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you move and destroy buildings? ...

One of the most rewarding tasks in Cult of the Lamb is constructing a home for your loyal followers. Eventually, things become more complicated, and additional structures (especially far-ranging farms) must be planned more carefully to ensure everything flows smoothly. Plus, an ordered village just looks better.

How to move and destroy buildings

All you need to do is go to the construction building and select Edit Buildings from the menu. This should appear at the bottom of the screen, assigned to the Y button on Nintendo Switch.

Once you select this option, youll be in a building editing mode that will allow you to modify the layout of your compound at your will. You may either move it to another open location or remove it completely from your base. Some structures, like the Shrine and the construction building, are permanently attached.

How to unlock the Edit Buildings option

Cult of the Lamb's removal and destruction is a fairly straightforward and straightforward process, but be aware that you may not be able to modify any of your own structures until you build them, especially if you only build a few rooms. Similar structures as sleeping bags should also be used.