How to Get a Free SSR in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get a Free SSR in Tower of Fantasy ...

Tower of Fantasy, like other free-to-play gacha games out there, is quite generous. Nuclei, is used to pull from the games' banners. One reward that many players are particularly interested in is that you may receive a free SSR of your choice.

How to get a free SSR in Tower of Fantasy

To get a free SSR in Tower of Fantasy, you must earn 700 points by completing the Newcomer Event missions. To see what missions you must complete, go to the Newcomer Event screen. If youre on PC, youll need to hold down on the ALT button on your keyboard and then click the Gift icon with your mouse. This will bring you to the Rewards screen. From there, click on the Newcomer Event tab located at the bottom of the screen.

On the Newcomer Event tab, you will see a list of missions that you must complete in order to receive the free SSR. Some missions are straightforward, such as logging into the game two days in a row and correctly deciphering a password chest. Others, like the ones that reward you with 25 points, require a bit more time and effort.

The Points Reward in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen will have a red dot on it. A pop-up will appear showing you all of the different rewards you may earn. To claim a reward, simply click on the button that says Claim.

It's important to know that your character will only be able to complete all of the Newcomer Event missions for 21 days before it goes away. Another important thing to remember is that you will always get a Free SSR after your 80th Special Order. This would be your eighth pull if you had only done 10x Special Orders. So, we recommend waiting on using your Free SSR selector until after that pull.