The premiere date for season 3 of Jack Ryan: A possible launch strategy

The premiere date for season 3 of Jack Ryan: A possible launch strategy ...

At this point, we were almost in the middle of August, and yet Amazon Prime isn't showing their cards when it comes to Jack Ryanseason 3.

Wed describe this whole idea as unsatisfactory, but even that does not seem to do it justice. Why not just go ahead and reveal some information? What is the streaming service waiting for when it comes to relaunching the John Krasinski series?

With this in mind, some are beginning to consider it wise to look a little further into the future but also this calendar year. What might Amazon be considering here?

If there is one thing that we have learned from streaming services over the years, it is that they are not afraid of premiering shows in unusual windows. They recognize that viewers do not always have to watch something right away or at a particular time; so long as they check out episodes within the first couple of weeks, they tend to be happy. Sometimes, it also benefits them to have premiere dates during a time when there is less competition.

Let's get started and think about what if Amazon launches Season 1 or Season 2 on the air (remember, season 2 was almost three years ago!) It's a window that might benefit them in the future, since most people only shop once per day.

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