Why are ratings expectations a challenge in Magnum PI season 5?

Why are ratings expectations a challenge in Magnum PI season 5? ...

Here's a bit of advice for anyone who will enterMagnum PIseason 5 next year with any expectation as to how the show may or might perform: Dont. Following the NBC move, we're all venturing into the great unknown together, and in general, we're probably in the most uncertain TV ratings era ever since the Nielsen system was first implemented.

We want the series to have a huge ratings hit in its new home, but there are so many other variables at play. For starters, the show's schedule should be different from that of CBS on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, except perhaps One Chicago.Wetter-day viewing is the only way to go.

WhereMagnum PIseason 5 might be the most successful is, ironically, the part of the TV equation that we dont see. We are not talking here specifically about the streaming figures or all of the DVR data after the fact. As of yet, no specific plan for season 5 has been revealed. elsewhere, those viewer totals are not released publicly. It is only a small minority of people who may now have an idea how the show is doing there.

The only way to know howMagnum PIseason 5 performs is by what NBC has decided to do. If they order more episodes than the 20 already commissioned (split across two seasons), we know that they are content. If they let it go quietly into the night, the opposite may be true.

We dont want to see anyone freak out based on the numbers foranygiven week; ratings are much more complicated these days. Just appreciate that you were given these episodes, given that, at one point, it was quite clear.

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