Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Prepare for nominations (day 38)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Prepare for nominations (day 38) ...

The nomination ceremony will take place within the Big Brother 24house in just a few hours, so what can you expect to see?

It is fair to assume that everything will be a mystery this time around. Taylor has already indicated to both Indy and Terrance that they might be going up, though they both are under the impression that Monte is the ultimate target.

Both are enjoying the news very much. Taylor is mainly enraged that she told the women in the house that she would be safe, but Taylor justified this by saying that she wanted to show the house that the women are a united front, so it's not like the women have always sought out her (Indy responded by saying she wasnt in power that week, but we already know that she would have nominated Taylor if she had the chance).

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Terrance feels completely nauseous at this point and is irritated by nobody else's participation. This is always the most frustrating thing to notice. Taylor may not be the right fit to betray them right now, but she'd rather have six people follow her around her if she went rogue.

In the unlikely event something changes, you may return later with the official nominees.

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