Apple TV+ will air the fifth episode of Five Days at Memorial

Apple TV+ will air the fifth episode of Five Days at Memorial ...

It makes sense to want to know the Five Days ahead of the premiere of Memorialseason 1 episode 4 on Apple TV+ today. What do the streaming service have planned for the show moving forward?

Here's what you should expect from the show, which is based on a book of nonfiction by Sheri Fink that chronicles the days following Hurricane Katrina at the Memorial Medical Center. We all remember at one time, there was a plan forAmerican Crime Story to investigate the same topic at some point, but it never came to pass. This show, which is eight episodes long, will spend a lot of time examining the hospitals' reaction, and all of the tragic events that followed.

The original Five Days at Memorialseason 1 episode 4 synopsis was done with three episodes at once, but the intent now (in true Apple fashion) is to do one installment every week the rest of the way.

Conditions are continuing to improve. Mulderick, Pou, and other employees are debating how best to best assist their patients and when to prioritize that help.

It's possible to see how devastating this was for a lot of hospital workers in that time. There's nothing worse than having to decide which patients are most suited to receive treatment. It's also a reminder that while an unprecedented catastrophe is at the forefront of this program, it's still about the people themselves. It'll attempt to transport you directly into their heads and explain what they are going through.