Is Season 2 of This Fool renewed or canceled at Hulu?

Is Season 2 of This Fool renewed or canceled at Hulu? ...

Can you anticipate This Foolseason 2 to happen after the launch of season 1 on Hulu today? Or, will this show end up being a one-and-done experiment? There is obviously a lot that can be discussed here.

The best place to start is by looking at where things stand at present. The streaming service has yet to confirm anything concerning the Chris Estrada comedy's future, and a lot of it will depend on how the program performs over the next month or two.

This Fool is a program we'd like to see continue to exist for a long time, mostly because there aren't that many comedies out there that are so adamant about being absurd. It's a reminder that not every streaming show in this genre needs to be deeply rooted in dramatic elements in almost every single frame.

Retention is Hulu's major concern when it comes to deciding whether or not to renew the program. It's not just about how many people chose to watch it until the finale. They want to see that there is a demand for more of the program and that people will continue to watch.

We expect that season 2 will be released in 2023, provided that the show does renew over the next couple of months.