Why is Snowfall Season 6 so quiet?

Why is Snowfall Season 6 so quiet? ...

If you are interested in the aSnowfall Season 6 premiere date or at least some additional information, we've got you covered. Despite season 5 wrapping months ago, FX's executives have been very secretive about what the future holds.

So what is going on here? You probably assumed that there is a mechanism to the networks madness, so what is it?

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The first thing we should emphasize here is that FX will be more secretive this season than ever before. A lot of that is simply because of the fact that the end is so near and the optimism that they intend to (understandably) maintain throughout the rest of the season.

Another aspect of the program is quite simple: They want to give the writers and producers all the time they need. If FX had to set a premiere date or a flurry of other changes right now, it might put some pressure on the show; it might give all of us some sort of false expectation that it would air again in the late winter/early spring period next year. It might well be more interesting later in the year, similar to what we saw for season 5.

Rest assured, though, that season 6 is still on the way, so let's just cross our fingers that the series will deliver everything we want.