The Next Steam Game Is Literally A Squirrel With A Gun

The Next Steam Game Is Literally A Squirrel With A Gun ...

Video games are great tools for exploring new worlds or new experiences. They can show us things weve never seen or dreamed of, like an ancient civilization or a faraway alien planet somewhere deep in the cosmos. Or, what about a squirrel with a pistol who can shoot people? Yeah, that's cool.

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Squirrel with a Gun, a still-in-development game, has gone viral on Twitter, with tens of thousands of users sharing the video online. I mean, what did you expect? The game is aptly named Squirrel with a Gun.

I appreciate that the gun isn't a squirrel-sized pistol. That would be ridiculous and would suggest that the squirrel had somehow devised a technique to make its own tiny firearms. It's just unrealistic. Instead, the squirrel is using a rifle it stole from humans to deter anyone who gets in its way.

This game is being developed by Daniel DeEntremont and is a sandbox game that is primarily about exploration and shooting. Youll also be able to manipulate weapons to get out of the way places, according to him.

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Do you feel sarcastic when you ask?

Squirrel with a Gun is currently not released. On Steam, the game's release date is listed as Good Question!

DeEntremont is available on Twitter to discuss the game's ongoing development, including gameplay footage of the squirrel fighting agents in hand-to-hand melee combat, and more. Check out Grand Theft Auto 6.