Elden Ring One-Shot Boss Kills Demonstrates Faith Builds A Stronghold

Elden Ring One-Shot Boss Kills Demonstrates Faith Builds A Stronghold ...

The Elden Rings faith stat is fairly straightforward to modify, especially because FromSoftware included so many spells and incantations into the game. Nevertheless, some people think it isn't as powerful as other in-game statistics, such as the health-defining vigor. In an email to Kotaku Dot Com, your average Gamer put it to the test. Not only did they defeat a wide range of bosses, including ones like Radagon and the Elden Beast, in a single attack

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Matthew Your Average Gamer Farnkopf is a YouTuber who is tasked with constructing crazy Elden Ring projects. One video on defeating Malenia in 90 seconds, another on the ultimate status effect build, and another on the game's toughest bosses, Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast. With an assortment of equipment and incantations on New Game Plus Seven, the highest difficulty option Elden Ring currently has to offer, Your Average Gamers run is some seriously nasty shit.

Matt starts casting the Howl of Shabriri and Golden Vow incantations for some initial stat bonuses, such as attack negation and attack negation, while also using the Jellyfish Shield for additional buffs, including a 20% boost in attack power when theres poisoning or rot near the arena.

Matt and his cohort cast the Ancient Dragons Lightning Strike, a multi-hitting strike that sends down several bolts of lightning in a controlled area, and watched as the hammer-wielding gods health bar melted away in seconds. The same thing happened to the gigantic Elden Beast, and yall, Im gagging RN.

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Matt told Kotaku via email that they want to dispel the myth that faith [builds] aren't nearly as effective as magic. It took them nearly 20 hours of trial and error to find the correct gear and incantations to do the necessary damage to slay Radagon and the Elden Beast in one shot.

Matt explained that something that many thought could not be accomplished on the hardest difficulty was actually feasible. When I completed Journey 3, it gave me confidence that it was technically feasible. Again, to demonstrate how powerful faith can be!

Matt and his wife, to put it bluntly, enjoy faith. Its one of their favorite gameplay statistics to construct characters around, and a key theme to the game overall. It was a challenge that forced them to quit two separate times because of how labor-intensive it became.

Matt said, "I'm physically disabled." I have ongoing day-to-day stomach issues that can or have become severe at times. So I relaxed, calmed myself down, and spaced out my time." From then on, I set hours I would do it, and took the pressure entirely off myself.

Elden Ring's one-shot kill is impressive, but it's not entirely new. There was a speedrunner back in April who killed the legendary Tree Sentinel in one hit, and another speedrunner that created a glass-cannon build to bonk bosses with a single swing of their hammer in May. It's still a cool sight to see.

Matt has won several times against Elden Ring, but he is not satisfied with the game. Theyre hoping ForSoftware adds additional content in the form of very challenging bosses, much like Dark Souls 3's DLC or another late game spike that would put us in jeopardy again.

Matt said that the lightning build/character has been retired. He's a legacy to me now. I'm going to start a new build fresh, and I'll focus on discovering and the next cool build I can come up with!

Matt said their original PvE build is still effective against the games bosses, and here you go: FromSoftware patch 1.06 for the game.

  • Gravel Stone Seal or Golden Order Seal
  • Jellyfish Shield
  • Mushroom Crown
  • Fetid Pots
  • Neutralizing Boluses
  • Blood Sword for Health Damage
  • Godfrey Icon
  • Lightning Scorpion Charm
  • Kindred of Roys Exultation
  • Red-Feathered Branchsword
  • Ancient Prayer book (for the incantation)
  • Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear
  • Howl of Shabriri Incantation
  • Golden Vow Incantation