Release Date and Time of Multiversus Season One: When Does the Free-to-Play Game Launch?

Release Date and Time of Multiversus Season One: When Does the Free-to-Play Game Launch? ...

The Iron Giant and LeBron James have entered the Open Beta on July 26, making the game as unique as it can. It is also adopting a live service model that keeps the game updated with new content. And, as you may expect, the game's official Season 1 launch is upon us.

The official MultiVersus Twitter account announced that the game's first season is ready for its big debut. Currently, MultiVersus is in the midst of a kind of elaborate preseason designed to give players a warmup before the real fight. Not only will this upcoming season mark the beginning of a new Battle Pass (meaning this is the last call to earn that Cake the Cat skin), but also new playable characters and game modes.

However, it turns out that the indeed debut version of MultiVersus will not be released all at the same time. So here is a quick summary of what we know so far about the MultiVersus Season 1 release and what each subsequent update should include.

Release Date and Start Time for MultiVersus Season 1

MultiVersus Season 1 will launch on August 15, which is thankfully this coming Monday. Sadly, Player First Games did not provide an exact start date, but we can reasonably assume that the Season 1 schedule will stick to that. After all, the previous Open Beta began on July 26 at 9 am PT (12pm ET), so it's reasonable to assume that Player First Games will continue to follow the same schedule for Season 1.

The PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC launch versions of MultiVersus will be available as previously announced in the games betas. There are currently no details on whether or not the game will be transferred to other platforms.

Season 1 of MultiVersus: Battle Pass Details and Rewards

The current MultiVersus Battle Pass is packed with cosmetic items that help players stand out from the crowd, including character taunts, ringout animations, and character skins. Well, the Season 1s Battle Pass is shaping up to offer more of the same.

The official Battle Pass for MultiVersus hasn't revealed every incentive, but a teaser has been released that includes a slew of new cosmetics. For example, Tom and Jerry's Sherlock Holmes costume and a basketball shirt based on the first Space Jam film.

Despite the fact that many existing MultiVersus cosmetics are also available to purchase with different in-game currencies, we will not yet know which will be available exclusively through the Battle Pass and which can be purchased directly via in-game and real-world currencies. Again, please let the MultiVersus team know if and when it would like to provide further information.

Is MultiVersus Season 1 Free-to-Play?

Yes, the short answer to that question. The longer answer requires you to broaden your definition of free-to-play.

MultiVersus is intended as a free-to-play experience, as stated in the games FAQ. The games Open Beta was launched as a free-to-start title, and it will continue to be one until Season 1. However, there are also optional in-game purchases that players may purchase to support the game's ongoing maintenance and development.

The base MultiVersus experience is free, but players will be given ample opportunities to purchase a variety of cosmetic items. For instance, the game has a rotating roster of playable characters that you may try for free, but in order to actually own any of them, players will need to purchase fighters. Most cosmetics, banners, and emotes cost varying amounts of Gleamium, with the exception of the Iron Giants original skin, which costs 800 Gold.

The Battle Pass offers all of its cosmetics for free, but MultiVersus has both a free Battle Pass and a premium Battle Pass. The free pass is mostly player icons and badges, but the premium pass costs 300 Gleamium.

The final way gamers can spend money on MultiVersus and help it survive is by purchasing Founders Packs. They include 300 Gleamium, a rare player banner, and 15 character tickets.

The Deluxe Founders Pack, meanwhile, will set players back $60, but also includes 1000 Gleamium, 20 character tickets, a special ringout animation, and a Premium Battle Pass. Finally, the premium Founders Pack costs $100 and includes a unique nameplate, 2500 Gleamium, 30 character tickets, a legendary banner, and all of the ringouts and banners included in the previous two Founders Packs.

Rick and Morty: MultiVersus Season 1 Release Date

While the new Battle Pass, as well as the arcade and ranked modes that will be added to the game when MultiVersus Season 1 launches, are all nice, we know what most gamers are most excited about: the addition of Rick and Morty to the game's ever-growing roster of characters.

However, as previously stated, Player First Games is stoking the launch of some of the games' new content. So, even though Season 1 will officially begin on August 15, gamers will have to wait a while to play as Morty and even longer to play as Rick.

Morty will be included on the games roster on August 23. Tony Huynh, the co-founder of Player First Games, has tweeted about the character for the past several days. The main takeaways are that Morty will be labeled as an expert character and that he likes orange juice and the plumbus. Ummmcool.

Rick is nowhere to be seen in the recent tweet, so chances are he will join MultiVersus at an earlier, unspecified date. While some dataminers claimed to have discovered leaks of Ricks moveset and skins, the fact of the matter is that we have little official information about the character. Hopefully, that will change as soon as the MultiVersus team starts off the games debut season.