Maya Rudolph of Loot deciphers Molly's choppy poop water scene

Maya Rudolph of Loot deciphers Molly's choppy poop water scene ...

Season 1 spoilers for Loot follow.

Maya Rudolph, the star of Loot, has spoken out about her character's rather shady drinking scene in the season finale of the show.

Molly Novak, who is left with $87 billion in a divorce settlement from her husband, is played by the actress in the new Apple TV+ series.

Molly falls to quite a disadvantage by drinking polluted water in the newly premiered season one finale.

Rudolph admitted that he and his wife knew that filming the moment would be "interesting."

"Just because it's a physical comedy moment, and just the thought of it being so disgusting, and having to drink it, and looking at it, makes me laugh, because it's so foul," she said.

"So it was a great experience. We did it quite a lot, so it kind of grew old. What I drank was not devilish, but it was a bit sweet," says the author.

The star continued to state that the moment represents "a significant turning point" for Molly in her journey, "because she realizes: 'Why am I doing this? Why am I lying to people?"

"I don't think she ever really thought that that's where she'd be with this journey," Rudolph said. "So it's a nice place for her to reflect and think, 'I didn't come here to lie to people.'

"And then she's probably realizing for the first time in this new chapter of her life that she really wants to be good, and that it doesn't feel good for her to be dishonest with people."

Following the latest episode, we also spoke with fellow Loot actors Joel Kim Booster and Michaela Jae Rodriguez about the final episode, which you can see here.

Loot is now available for Apple TV+.

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