A League of Their Own: Amazon's TV Adaptation Ranks the Premiere

A League of Their Own: Amazon's TV Adaptation Ranks the Premiere ...

On Friday, TVs' latest adaptation of a beloved film stepped up to the plate, with the release of Prime Videos A League of Their Own.

Dave Nemetz, my coworker, has already offered his opinion on the small-screen version: A swing and a miss. But before you give us your opinions on the adaptation, let's recap the events from the first episode:

Carson Shaw, played by Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson, is the focus of the 1992 film. In the show, though, she hasnt been personally scouted like Dottie and Kit did in the movie; we later learn that she packed up and left for Chicago in a tizzy, despite just learning that her husband is returning imminently from the war.

While on her way to the tryouts, Carson meets Greta (The Good Places DArcy Carden) and Jo (YOUs Melanie Field), and the three quickly form a warm, friendly bond. Greta and Jo remind you a lot of Madonnas Mae and Rosie ODonnells Doris, after all.

In fact, much of the plot structure laid in Episode 1 is similar to the films: It's still a candy tycoon financing the women's league (Morris Baker, in this case), and he's concerned that the ladies will not make a profit or, at the very least, wont be attractive enough to keep people interested. However, as Morris associate Marshall assures him the players will become more ladylike.

The Rockford Peaches have all scored spots the next day, but there are two other intriguing subplots that are developing here, one of which is the clear romantic chemistry between Carson and Greta, who appears to be surprised by Greta's behavior late that evening. She starts writing a letter to her husband that says, Dear Charlie, There's something wrong with me and you deserve better.

Carson declares that she will not participate in league tryouts at all, but she packed up and ran to the train like a woman possessed; later, the two women drunkenly collaborate on a very honest letter that Carson returns to her husband, revealing her true ambitions to him. (Carson chooses the latter option, naturally).

The Peaches go out to a local pub on their first night in Rockford, and Carson admits to Greta, I've been ruining everything I've ever wanted, but I'm not letting it go. They pull away, there's a pause, and Carson returns for another, much deeper kiss. Carson's confusion only intensifies when she sees Greta leaving the bar with a man.

Maxine Max Chapman (Chante Adams) is introduced to the audience at the start of the season, a Black woman who wants to play for the womens league. But the racist leaders in charge of tryouts totally refuse Max the opportunity to show her stuff; the only pitch she throws is an unapproved one as she leaves the ballpark, but it clears the whole field. The other women at tryouts are stunned.

Maxine expresses her love for her mother, and she wants you to choose one that's attainable. Later that night, she discovers that Gary, his apprehensive colleague at a local factory, has recently hired a Black woman, and she's considering playing for the club.

Carson and Max meet outside the bar on the night of the show, and Carson responds, saying, "We're all right," Max replies as she walks away. And in the last scene of the episode, we see the Peaches, who are excitedly admiring their new uniforms in the locker room, and Max, who is newly determined as she pitches baseballs behind her mother's salon.

Okay, now is your turn. Is A League of Their Own a home run in your opinion? Take a look at the premiere in this poll below, and leave a comment with your full opinions!