Molly and Arthur Made a Comeback in Season 1 of Loot?

Molly and Arthur Made a Comeback in Season 1 of Loot? ...

If there was one thing we learned from watching Loot this season, it's that we'd like to visit Corsica someday.

Molly seems to know her new philanthropic existence by the time we get to the island-set finale. Sofia is surprised by how her boss is acting abroad, and Arthur finally summons the courage to express himself. However, did the pair end up together in the end?

Molly apologizes to Nicholas for missing his play while the gang gathers in Corsica for the Silver Moon Summit. He says it's okay, but it's hard to tell if he's 100% truthful.

Arthur tells Howard and Nicholas that he left Chelsea, and they are surprised. After his friends call him the human equivalent of an Olive Garden breadstick, Arthur changes the subject by saying theyre getting an entire island to explore. (Couldnt they have taken the charcuterie board with them? Leave no meat behind!!)

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Sofia is frustrated with Molly gallivanting on stage during rehearsal, prompting Molly to ask her what's up and Sofia tells her not to do the presentation. It's not going to help people, and there's still so much they can still do in Los Angeles where people truly need help. She claims it's like Molly is getting caught again by another rich man.

Arthur wishes he never went to Corsica. He then admits to Nicholas and Howard that he is in love with Molly and he doesnt know what to do. (YOU TELL ME, ARTHUR, IT'S THE FINALE HERE!) But thats why he ended his relationship with Chelsea. He knew that wasnt fair.

Molly introduces GaTa to demonstrate the water purification system, which also produces electricity at the same time! The water turns out to be brown and gross, but she drinks it anyway. We see the agony on her face as she eats what looks like muddied river water.

Jean-Pierre does not seem too concerned, stating that they'll go away and wait for it all to come to an end. Molly isnt happy with that, because they made so many promises they will not be able to keep, and she's ashamed of being a part of the tomfoolery.

Sofia gives them a note from Molly, who is stepping away from the foundation for good, but they'll always have her money to keep moving things forward. Molly starts the day with Jean-Pierre, and says she doesn't want to leave her. (Well, duh. There's a Season 2 ahead!) Molly tears up and admits that she's never got the moral compass Sofia has.

Molly crashes a panel at the summit and declares the ordeal a complete flop. She claims that billionaires are the worst people to ever talk about transforming the world. I challenge any other ridiculously wealthy people to do the same.

The group is excited about their new endeavor to give away Molly's money, and their fearless leader makes a toast: Let's just sip this berry stuff and fk up Corsica!

Arthur tells Molly what she said on stage was incredible. He adds that there's something he's been meaning to talk to her about. We'll get to the next morning. Clothes litter the bedroom floor as Molly wakes up, but it's not Arthur sleeping naked beside her. It's her ex-husband John.

Will Arthur and Molly ever get together? Is it possible that John will not leave? Grade the season finale and finale below, then comment back in the comments!