The 9 Best Pedro Pascal Performances, From 'Narcos' to 'The Mandalorian'

The 9 Best Pedro Pascal Performances, From 'Narcos' to 'The Mandalorian' ...

Pedro Pascal, a Chilean-American actor, has had an incredible couple of years, from playing DEA agent Javier Pena in Narcos' hit crime drama The Mandalorian.

Pascal has already garnered a solid and impressive filmography, yet he is still making substantial advancements to elevate his name even further. In 2023, he will play a smuggler who is dispatched to escort a young lady named Ellie across the United States in a HBO limited series My Dentist's Murder Trial, which is based on true events.

Let us take a look at some of Pedro Pascal's most important performances while still a couple of projects looming.

Eddie in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999)

The popular supernatural series continues to draw a loyal following for its relatable themes and frequent pop references, which are evident in the many fan fictions and unofficial productions that have developed after the show's conclusion.

Pascal played Eddie, a freshman at the University of California who manages to find his place with the help of Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Later on, Eddie is harmed by a vampire, which leads Buffy to try to murder him. However, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of his early roles that is considered to be his major break in the entertainment business.

Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones (2014)

Game of Thrones is well-known for its breathtaking action sequences, numerous interrelated storylines, and, of course, creative and often brutal deaths. The cast for the hit fantasy drama includes actors from Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Kit Harrington, and others.

Pascal is a fan favorite who is seen in a lot of roles involving his character dying in one way or another. Martell is played in the fourth season, who is out hunting for revenge against the Lannisters for their role in the deaths of his loved ones. It's a stunning, gory scene that has since been dubbed one of the most iconic deaths in the show, thanks to its stunning execution, especially by Pascal.

Javier Pena in Narcos (2015-2017)

This American crime drama is based on true-life incidents concerning legendary drug lord Pablo Escobar, while also portraying him as a DEA agent who is tasked to capture Escobar and, by the third season, the Cali Cartel. Other cast members include Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, and Joanna Christie.

Pascal's Narcos project involves him taking on the major role, and his portrayal of Pena was a major achievement for the actor's growing career, and there is no question why; Pascal handled the program with incredible skill and panache, capturing the attention of viewers. Having the actual Javier Pena as a consultant made the storytelling process more precise and clearer.

Ezra in Prospect (2018)

In this 2018 American sci-fi film directed and directed by Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, Pascal plays Ezra. The duo is a father-daughter duo (Jay Duplass and Sophie Tatcher) who are looking for mine gems in a poisonous forest near the alien moon. After searching, they meet Ezra, a rival prospector who later died. The daughterCeemust team up with Ezra to complete the task.

Pascal plays a ruthless person determined to reach the top of the diamonds, accompanied by arrogance and greed. As he continues his journey with Cee (Sophie Tatcher), his character slowly develops, and audiences understand his motivations or intentions.

If Beale Street Could Talk (2018), Pietro Alvarez

If Beale Street Could Talk, a romantic drama set in the 1970s, was directed and directed by Moonlight's Barry Jenkins, who directed and wrote the screenplay. Tish (KiKi Layne) and Fonny (Stephan James) are ready to move forward with their relationship when Fonny is wrongfully arrested. Now Tish, with her family, strives to clear his name, all the while discovering that she's pregnant.

Pascal plays Pietro in this moving adaptation, which has been critically acclaimed for its stunning execution, stunning cinematography, and heartfelt dialogue. He connects Sharon (Regina King) and Victoria (Emily Rios) to meet up, yet his performance is still astounding and helps make the story resonate further.

The Mandalorian/Din Djarin in The Mandalorian (2019-Present)

In this Star Wars space series created by Jon Favreau, Pascal plays the titular character, also known as Din Djarin, who starts off to search for Grogu, but instead takes him along and tries to keep him safe. This leads to a chaotic and enjoyable space adventure as Din and Grogu's friendship slowly develops.

Pascal manages to incredibly convey emotion just by his voice, which earned him praise from many people. This goes to illustrate why Pascal is the perfect casting for this character who is struggling to open up and seeking validation. The Mandalorian will return for Season 3 early next year.

Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

In Wonder Woman 1984, Pascal continues to show his acting ability by playing Maxwell Lord, who was previously her lover. However, she later learns what the Dreamstone is and must get everyone to give up their desire. The world will be in turmoil as a result of the film.

While the sequel isn't well received by critics and some fans alike, there are still those who applaud Pascal for his performance as a greedy yet charismatic villain. However, deep down, he is struggling, thus his intentions are questioned. Pascal gives a solid performance, demonstrating his dedication to his craft.

Javi Gutierrez in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022)

Nicolas Cage is played by a fictionalized version of himself in the 2022 action comedy film. Cage is in a state of flux when he receives money from his agent, with the intention of going to Majorca and meeting up with rich American billionaire Javi Gutierrez (Pascal) for a birthday party. However, the CIA is looking for Javi, who they suspect of kidnapping. Cage joins the CIA to discover the truth.

Pascal plays a Cage super-fan in this critically acclaimed comedy film, which only demonstrates his versatility. This one is certainly a chaotic, impressive adventure for the actor. The incredible chemistry between the two have made the film more enjoyable to watch.

Dieter Bravo in The Bubble (2022)

Pascal is the last name on the list as Dieter Bravo in the Netflix comedy film The Bubble, directed by Judd Apatow. The film follows a diverse cast, including Karen Gillan, Fred Armisen, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Mann, and others. However, all hell soon breaks loose when each cast member encounters their own difficulties, resulting in a tense and hostile working environment.

Dieter is an experienced actor who has seen it all. In the franchise film, he is shown to be professional and serious while working, but soon, he is revealed that Dieter has an addiction to sex and drugs. Pascal is one of the many actors in the film, and he manages to attract the attention with his charisma and ability.