This fall, Ncuti Gatwa will begin filming 'Doctor Who.'

This fall, Ncuti Gatwa will begin filming 'Doctor Who.' ...

The Doctor Who fanbase was enthralled when Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the new Doctor earlier this year. It's possible that the premiere season of the historic series will begin filming in November.

The news that Gatwa will begin filming this year is a step in the right direction for many fans, particularly considering that the show's sixtieth anniversary was planned in late 2023. However, fans can only speculate and be optimistic about the Gatwas casting.

Jodie Whittaker, Gatwas's previous role as the thirteenth Doctor, is set to make her final appearance as the woman next year during the BBCs 100th anniversary celebrations. This October, she will return in a special episode that will feature Gatwa.

Gatwa issued a statement when his selection was announced back in May.

"I've known [about having the job] since February of this year, and it's been a challenge keeping it under wraps because I've got a very large mouth. But I've done it, we did it, and it's a real honor. This position is an institution - it makes everyone feel accepted and appreciated, as well as me.

Don't worry, Gatwa's other series, Netflix's Sex Education, will not be affected by his new role as Eric in the fourth season currently being shot on AppleTV+. The actor also has unreleased roles in Greta Gerwigs Barbie and the upcoming AppleTV+ war drama Masters of the Air.

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